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With a history of commercial underwater photography and film that spans over two decades the founders of Waterbaby set up the business to not only provide accessible underwater photography for the general public but also to be able to offer full production and model agency services and management for underwater and water-related photographic and film projects.

Waterbaby can provide full production services for any water-related project as well as acting as model and casting agents. In addition Waterbaby holds a huge library of images and stock footage related to water available for licensing for any purpose.

For full information on all of our services please contact Daniella at www.waterbaby.co

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Underwater photography has never been easier yet many people return from diving trips disappointed with their results. You have only a limited amount of time with your subject. You are unable to communicate properly with other humans while underwater. Everything is on the move including yourself and an additional problem is that your photo equipment could become flooded and useless in a moment. All this makes photography more problematical than on land. The optical characteristics of water don’t help. If you enjoyed 30m of visibility on your last dive you would have been ecstatic. You would have searched for superlatives to describe it.  The overriding rule of underwater photography is: Get rid of as much water as you can!   more on Underwater Photography
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Underwater Photography
Underwater Cameras

Not just the best place to buy underwater cameras digital camera housings and underwater video. Also the best place to learn how to use them! This website is devoted to the art of underwater photography. Their mission is to help underwater photographers achieve their full potential. Scuba diving in Gran Canaria
digital underwater photography with Aquanauts dive centre.  Cameras with underwater housings make digital underwater photography  accessible to all scuba diver and swimmers.  Novice scuba divers can take home a CD of photos and videos of their scuba diving adventure.  Experienced divers can take a PADI Adventure Dive to learn more.  Even swimmers with snorkels can make use of a cheap underwater camera.