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  Endless Pools - UK Swimming Pools Direct - British Swimming Pools   Endless Pools in the UK 

Endless Pools - UK Swimming Pools Direct - British Swimming Pools

Enjoy all the fitness benefits of swimming in a professional quality lap pool year round right at home.  Endless Pool s compact 8 x 15 modular design fits into existing spaces such as basements garages enclosed porches or patios.  The Endless Pool is ideal for swimming water aerobics aqua therapy and fun.

Swimming and water based exercise has long been the favored method for exercise and therapy for millions of Americans each year.  Doctors and Physical Therapists agree this low impact sport is easy on the joints and back and can be the key to faster recovery for debilitating ailments and injuries. 
Endless Pools - UK Swimming Pools Direct - British Swimming Pools


Water provides buoyancy and support for the body.  When you re neck-deep in water you’re only supporting 10% of your actual body weight but you can exercise at eight times the resistance.  Water pressure helps control swelling that often accompanies injury as well.  You can even increase your physical fitness while you recuperate and avoid prolonged physical therapy.


Water exercise is also an excellent weight loss tool.  A person’s whole body changes when they swim. They become healthier with regular water-based exercise.  People who want to get fit and stay fit find they make greater progress in a pool than on land.


But for most people the thought of owning a pool or simply doing water based exercise conjures a very different image; Pool maintenance expense mammoth construction efforts limited space driving to the gym gym fees limited gym hours heavy chlorine locker rooms and accessibility problems.   At what point do the benefits outweigh the cost and hassle?    


Endless Pools - UK Swimming Pools Direct - British Swimming PoolsHowever provided the right pool and the right situation both the cost and hassle can be avoided.  If you re willing and able to dive in and plan a pool installation you may want to consider a few things; deciding upon a length and width for your pool considering how you intend to use your pool the general dimensions of the site your own height climate considerations. 


Length and width will dictate if you can install the pool in your home or outdoors.  Do you have at least an 11 x 18 area with a minimum 7ft ceiling?  Does this area have a concrete slab typical of a garage or basement?  If so you can swim year-round in an Endless Pool from the privacy of your own home


If you don t have the space indoors you can carve out an area in your backyard.  Depending on your climate and ambition both the indoor and outdoor installation can be completed in as little as two days by two relatively handy people. 
Endless Pools - UK Swimming Pools Direct - British Swimming Pools


Options can enhance your Endless Pool as well; use underwater lights for basements and darker spaces add a security cover to control moisture and humidity or keep out leaves and other debris or add hydrotherapy jets for relaxing sore muscles.  Water quality systems will purify the water and reduce the need for chlorine.  Also an electric or gas powered water heater will maintain the temperature you like.  If you need special access to the pool you may want to consider grab bars and corner stairs to aid entry to a pool. 


Swimming and water exercise can be done for a lifetime.  The question is would you like it to improve your way of life and if so where would you like to do it?  The Endless Pool is easy to install and an affordable way to make swimming and water exercise part of your daily routine.   

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Endless Pools – UK Swimming Pools Direct – British Swimming Pools