Baby Swim DVD

Baby Swimming Lessons

Teach your baby to love the water

An inspiring DVD and video from the award winning Lauren Heston UK’s most respected tutor of water safety classes for babies.


  • Water Awareness

  • Self Rescue Skills

  • Fitness

  • Bonding

  • Fun

Are you wary about introducing your baby to swimming? Unsure of the best time to start? Many Mums and Dads think they can’t take their baby swimming until they are at least six months old. Actually all babies have a natural affinity to water and will play and exercise quite safely in water from birth with no anxiety. Waterbabies is a unique DVD and video that shows you all you need to know.

Waterbabies was devised by Lauren Heston who has been running the highly-successful Little Dippers program across Britain for fifteen years. The video was produced by the makers of BAFTA-Award winning BBC series The Human Body.

The DVD/video shows carefully-designed exercises focused on  developing skills for safety increasing fitness and most important enjoying the water with your baby. Throughout the video emphasis is placed on safety revisiting past exercises and steady progress. from simple and fun things to do in the bath to begin with the program takes you and your baby through progressive development until you feel confident and safe in water with your baby.

Following the video or DVD will strengthen your baby’s hearts lungs and respiratory systems  improve your baby’s mental outlook.

This DVD will give you countless opportunities for fun and bonding an ideal beginning as your baby turns into a confident swimmer as he or she grows.

Click Babies and Swimming Pools for guidelines on information on immunisation swim nappies skin care etc.

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