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Can’t breathe properly when



Learn to SwimIf you answered yes to any of these, then our experienced instructor can help you.

Learn to swim Irene who also was water phobic once!

I’ve been there too and know just what it feels like to be frightened of the water, fearful of going under, can’t get your face wet, water up your nose, panic, just thinking about not being able to breathe and being in the deep end. All of those feelings stop you from learning no matter what.

Pictured below:  One of our many success stories as featured in Woman Magazine.  Helen took swimming lessons with us after a life time of fear and uncertainty.  Since she learned to swim, she has never looked back.

Helens swimming lessons





Swim With Us and Swim-Easy


Holder of the

National Rescue Award for

Swimming Teachers and Coaches

Gay Clarke and Irene Bouette are members of

Intensive Swimming Workshop

Learn to SwimAre you water phobic? Do you dread the thought of swimming lessons in a group? Are you worried that no-one will understand your fear?

Learn to SwimHave you had swimming lessons before but felt you gained very little? Are you still frightened, unable to swim or uncomfortable in the dreaded deep-end?

Learn to SwimWell I know just how you feel. Been there, done that, got the Tee Shirt saw the cd, read the story……

Learn to SwimRead on for a new approach that will make learning to swim, something that you wanted to achieve, but in your mind is impossible.

My techniques will remove all your worries in a short space of time. See that Phobia gradually fade away because you will repeat and repeat the same thing over and over again and realise that the water does not change the way it reacts to you and then you can learn to swim!

Learn to SwimAll adults swimming lessons are on a one-to-one basis because each person is an individual and you learn at your own pace because I can see what you are doing and with my 11 years of experience of teaching water phobic people, I know when stop and give you time to relax and try again.

I will not teach group lessons because experience has shown me that this is not the best way to learn to swim simply because it is impossible to teach multiple people how to understand the water.

Imagine a driving instructor teaching 5 people how to drive at the same time? IMPOSSIBLE!!

Many adults who did not learn to swim have a perfectly understandable reason for this because they did not have a 1-1 experience.

I always take this into account as I help you overcome your fear of the water, staying with you every movement in the water as you as your confidence builds.

Reasons for Lessons:
To Improve Your Swimming Technique 
Learn to Swim Better.
Improve Your Circulation (I know this for a fact!)
Gives you that ‘Good Feel Factor’ the same as dancing and singing
Learning how to swim can be a challenge, but it is a challenge  that can anyone can enjoy and succeed simply because you will learn how the water works with your body.
Anyone scared of the water?
I have helped hundreds overcome it by a logical and easily understood explanation and with the correct understanding they go on to learn how to swim.
Swimming: The ultimate exercise. Swimming  is great for joint mobility, it strengthens muscles, and has great psychological  benefits.  Doctors regularly encourage people to swim to overcome various physical probelms.

Learn to SwimI believe our prices are the cheapest on or off the net. If you know of anywhere you can get one-to-one swimming lessons at such an attractive price with a free lesson thrown in, I would like to hear about it (and I’d certainly like to know how they do it!!). So why not learn to Swim with Us at www.swim-easy.co.uk and enquire about your swimming lessons today!

Learn to SwimOffering Private Swimming Lessons in the UK. Convenient for regular lessons from Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire. Please browse for Residential Swimming Courses, Intensive Workshops and Individual Swimming Lessons.


Learning to Swim With Us

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