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Swimming Instruction

Written 2004

I am 52 years old and was terrified of water until  into my forties.  I am a teacher by profession computing and business studies and I semi-retired a few years ago due to illness.  With time on my hands I finally decided to beat my fear of water and now thoroughly regret not having done it a long time ago.

swimming instructor uk<————-   This is me on holiday in Tenerife 2003.

Having taken lessons at my local pool I went on to do a specialised swimming course and then took my first teachers certificate after specialist swimming instruction.

I am married to Dave and have 2 step children Lisa and Lee and 3 grandchildren Immy Logan and Luke. 

I am in the process of teaching my granddaughter Immy to swim.  She is 2 and a proper little water baby having been in the water from an early age.

My teaching career was quite varied.  Having had a fairly traditional 20 year career in computing (programming systems analysis project management consultancy) I switched to teaching first lecturing at Cornwall College to adults and later giving instruction to Special Needs teenagers in Birmingham. From this came a strong belief that most people can achieve whatever they set out to achieve provided they have the proper support and encouragement swimming instruction is no different to anything else in this respect.

Here is Immy’s brother Luke better known as the Bubble.  He’s next for the pool!

swimming instruction from Swim With Us

Gay practicing hand-lead body dolphin

Swimming with Dolphins

You might also like to visit Learn-to-Swim-Easy and read Irene’s story.  Irene and I have much the same philosophy and outlook on swimming and you could also approach her for swimming instruction.  Swimming Instruction is also available from Steve at

Please note I do not endorse any other swimming instructor or organisation.  Please satisfy yourself as the suitability of any swimming instructor or swimming teacher that you choose to employ.