Learn to Swim UK

  • I have taught over 1,000 of non-swimmers to enjoy swimming lessons
  • If you are afraid of water your feeling will change from the very first lesson.
  • Learning weekly momentum is lost
  • With individual intensive swimming lessons you can make a lot of progress in a short space of time
  • One-to-one swimming lessons are available an expert swimming instructor based in the Midlands
  • Whether you are phobic of the water
  • Want to improve
  • Or want  that ‘edge’ to give you speed you need to win.

I can give you that by helping you to understand how the water works with your body and how you can use it as a tool!

Learn to Swim Holidays

Learn to  love with being in the water when you learn to swim with some of Tenerifes best instructor, ready to get you in shape. Private swim sessions build fitness and recondition your swimming technique. With an individually tailored performance program you can continue to work on at home.