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This page is devoted to explaining the connection between

Swim With Us and

Gay Clarke


Irene Bouette


Written by Gay Clarke

I started swimming very late in life fighting a phobia and with a teaching background   eventually became a member of the Institute of Swimming Teachers and Coaches in 2001.  Shortly after I met Irene who was also working to overcome her phobia and we became friends.

In 2002 for the first time at the age of 50 I was able to enjoy a holiday without feeling left out because I couldn’t swim.

Since then we’ve come a long way working with many people to help them overcome their phobias and problems.  In August 2003 this website was launched the aim being to offer a low-cost solution for one-to-one lessons with the tutor in the water.  Although both Irene and I are really passionate about swimming and helping others it began as a hobby.

Within a year the website had grown in popularity and so had the number of enquiries.  It became clear to us that there were many people that were struggling in the water and  it had the potential of being far more than a hobby.  After taking legal advise we were faced with the choice of forming a legal partnership and all the costs that that entails or remaining as individuals.

There were many things affecting that decision but for me there were two main considerations.  Firstly I have ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).  Much as I would like to see this evolve as a business if I push too hard I am likely to find myself having to stop all together.

More importantly our aim is and always has been to keep the cost as low as possible.  Once we begin to look at administrative overheads the costs begin to rise.

We have therefore decided to continue as individuals with Irene’s website being Swimming Lessons 4all whilst I retain Swim With Us.

Irene (who was also water phobic) and I remain good friends and no doubt those of you that book with me will often meet Irene and vice versa and of course if I am unable to help you in a given timescale Irene at Swim-Easy will no doubt do her best to oblige and vice versa.

This page is here in the hope that it will avoid confusion when people see the new look site at Swim With Us and also the brand new Swim-Easy  but please feel free to email if you are unsure.

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